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THINKGLASS Technology Co, Ltd is a comprehensive hi-tech enterprizing in research and development of glass deep processing machinery, modem technologies, newtechniques and auxiliary equipment. Through years of research and practice, Thinkglass has developed shape glass tempering fumaces, automatic intelligent coninousbending furnaces, etc Which have been widely applied in architectural decorations, vehicles, civil furniture, appliances, industrial instrumentation, etc
We persist the idea of"Development is the absolute principle vigorously carries forward the enterprise spirit of Unity, Endeavoring practicality and innovation,, andmanagement idea of customer's demand is our guide, customer's satisfaction is our goal, serving customer with heart and soul, relays on the qualified staff, scientificmanagement and responsibilities.
THINKGLASS will provide you latest glass machinery with first dass services. We hope to be your reliable friend for creating a beetter future

3,500 BC, the ancient Egyptians first invented glass.
The ancient glass manufacturing process in China began in the Western Zhou Dynasty.
After more than two thousand years of continuous development, the development reached the peak in the Qing Dynasty.
The development of glass and the development of glass machinery and equipment promote each other.
China's glass machinery and equipment, like other industries,
In the beginning, it relied on foreign imports.
It was not until the 20th century that the results of independent research and development were achieved.
In the 1990s, the industry officially entered the track of development.
Enterprise startup, new foothold
In 2007, Shike Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was born in Foshan City, Guangdong Province.
With the focus on R&D and manufacturing of new technologies, new processes and supporting equipment for glass deep processing,
Originally a small enterprise in the glass machinery industry in China,
Nowadays, it has become the leading comprehensive high-tech enterprise in the industry.
It contributes to the cutting-edge scientific and technological strength for glass deep processing enterprises at home and abroad.
Step by step to win, to reach the peak
Shike keeps pace with the development of the times and continuously promotes the progress of the glass deep processing industry.
After years of exploration and practice by several engineers and technicians, Shike has successfully developed a number of glass production lines.
It is widely used in various fields such as architectural decoration, vehicle transportation, civil furniture, home appliances, industrial instrumentation, etc.
In the course of many years of development,
Shike has established a comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system.
Provide one-on-one technical training for customers,
Regular maintenance and repairs are also carried out on a regular basis.
With a professional attitude, it has won the love and trust of consumers everywhere.
In 2016, 2017, and 2018, he won the "Top Ten Glass Machinery Companies in China's Top 100 Glass Enterprises" awards.
Also known as the "Guangdong Province Glass Circulation Chamber of Commerce member unit",
And "Shenzhen Anyi Chamber of Commerce governing unit".
And with excellent product quality,
In the field of glass deep processing, there is such a consensus - "Shike Technology · Diamond Quality".
Thick and thin, showing strength
The World team has excellent design, R&D and production capabilities.
Integrate energy, environmental protection and efficiency into every product,
Conducted by experienced technicians in electrician, argon arc welding, oxygen cutting, drilling, aerial vehicles, shearing, feeding, electric welding, etc.
Ensure that the production of glass from the furnace body, wind grid, film and other product links in one go,
The tempered glass is not deformed and has a high flatness.
Seco's tempering furnace reduces the opening time of high-power fans by minimizing the power of the tempering and cooling process.
It has an efficient and stable heating system to minimize heating time.
The perfect windshield structure allows low wind pressure tempering to reduce noise.
Fully realize the variable frequency start-up and control of the fan, effectively reducing the no-load power consumption.
11 years of precipitation, continued success
In just eleven years, Shike has developed itself into an indelible chapter in the history of the development of tempering equipment.
In the future, Shike will continue to provide customers with continuous improvement of equipment and first-class services to create a win-win situation and take off together.
Self-transcendence, a new benchmark in the tree industry.
Stick to the ingenuity and create a century-old brand.




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